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We bagged a few words with Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer before his performance last night…he reveals how an umbrella can be a crucial accessory for the chap about town.

Chap-Hop Hoorah! Latest blog post if you click this link before I go and see the notorious Mr B in action. Chars for reading chaps. Pip pip. 

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Books are taking over my home and apparently my blog now too..

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Great blog post discussing whether 1990’s is in fact now considered as vintage or not… although I’m not ready to delve into selling 1990s vintage just yet (I’m sure I will in a few years when the memories of teenage years in that era have faded somewhat), and I’m not sure I am ready to “enjoy” the 1990s (again) I totally agree with her closing statement:

One of the ways that I define vintage is the ability to follow your own fashion whim, regardless of whether it’s currently in style.

Source: Charlotte at Tuppence Ha’penny