We headed down to take a look at the first (hopefully not last!) #yarnbombing #colchester #stitchnbitch #yarnbomb #thisonewall

World War II: Women at Work

We were shown these images by Strawberry Rose Studio’s and they are amazing, so we had to share them.

We have all seen images of world war II but I personally think it is rare to see them so good quality and so personal as these pictures are. Fantastic image to remind us that vintage clothing (espeically that of the 1940s) is more than just fashion but holds with it memories of a generation that had it hard (to say the least)

Looking forward to this book i found in the charity shop recently. Something we are adament about at Lesley’s Girls is that clothes are more than just fashion or a competition for looks, but rather can be a mirror for the character history or place to be shown. #books #history #vintage #fashion

Finished last book, whats next? #books #vintage #reading #pepys #love

Sunday morning tea while admiring new old 1950s day dress #fashion #vintage #tea while

Vintage scarves instore now- £5 for one or £8 for two #colchester #vintagescarf #essexvintage

We can’t escape vintage in our house. Arthur Lowe narrated Mr Happy makes us happy this sunny day! #cultTV #mrmen #happy #sun #smile

We love The Graduate and this interview with the star Dustin Hoffman makes the actor (and thereby the film) even better. He took an experience from his acting to realise that people should not be judged on appearances alone

Although this seems a strange subject for a vintage blog, we feel it has a place here, to remind people that although we sell fashion it should always be remembered that appearances are not the most important thing. 

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Have you seen out curtain dress?  In true austerity rationing style the dress as been fashioned from a pair of damask curtains, and the zipper is from a pair of trousers!  We love it!

You can find it here

New patterns in the shop at the GO4 Market Cafe now, get in touch if you are looking for anything in particular.

Following our new vintage street style series we spotted this image of Cher and thought it supports our view that vintage CAN look contemporary- this image could have been taken yesterday not 47 years ago.


cher in 1966 (via stirredstraightup.blogspot.com)

Tennis final today… will Andy Murray be looking as dashing as this?!

Tennis final today… will Andy Murray be looking as dashing as this?!

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Summer treats today at work! #lesleysgirls #etonmess #strawberries

Working 9 til 5 what a way to make a living…. or drinking coffee while looking at vintage dress porn! #drinking #colchester #vintage #essex #lesleysgirls #dollyparton

Our new shop front #colchester #vintage #Essex #shopping